Hofstra Men’s Rugby Take the Win Against Maritime

Hofstra Rugby Playing Against Maritime

Hofstra Rugby Playing Against Maritime

Hofstra Men’s Rugby team faced off against Maritime Academy in the second game of their spring season.  The team pulled through, beating Maritime 25 to 10.

Hofstra Junior Angeline Panagoulias who was delighted with the outcome of the game said, “The Hofstra Versus Maritime was especially fun to watch especially since Hofstra won against Maritime.”

After losing their coach last season the men were forced to disband for the semester, but they have high hopes for their spring season.  Hofstra Rugby member Connor Lynch said, “We were very lucky this year to hire three coaches, all of whom are actually alumni from the class of ’84 at Hofstra so everyone on the team is very optimistic about the future and hope that we will able to start our winning season.”

They hope that this upcoming season will improve their tarnished record.  Member of the Women’s Rugby team Kellie Sahagian agrees, “Hopefully they will just do a better job and get where they want to be.”

The team generally has a game every Saturday and encourages anyone who wants to show their PRIDE to come out and watch.

Click here for a soundslide about the game!


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