New York Comic Con Takes Over the Javits Center

This past weekend on October 14th 2011, anime nerds and comic books geeks everywhere put on their best super hero costumes, climbed into their star ships, and headed off to New York City for the Javits Center’s annual Comic Con.

The convention attracts an extremely wide fan base, as it has sections geared towards anime lovers, comic book enthusiasts, super hero fanatics, and Sci-Fi addicts.

“I mainly went to see all of the cool Transformers stuff, but the giveaways were also pretty awesome.  I got a Pokémon backpack just for test driving a new Nintendo Game,” said Kellie Sahagian, 19 of Bolton, MA.

Although notably smaller than its brother convention in San Diego, CA, which generally admits 125,000, the New York Comic Con does not disappoint.

“I went to both the San Diego and the New York conventions and I definitely liked the New York one better.  It was like the cute little brother to the moody teenage boy,” said Parker Junger, 19, of Las Vegas, NV.

In the past few years the New York Comic Con has grappled to find it’s footing and finally triumphed as the foremost convention of its type on the East Coast.

With all sorts of fans willing and eager to flock to the convention from all over, venders and various companies such as Marvel, Capcom, and DC Comics are able to promote new products and/ or business ventures.

This year, Marvel Comics sought to promote its newest film, “The Avengers,” and had a large stage set up where fans received various giveaways.  “I got a really nice t-shirt and an Avengers movie poster,” said Dan Grote, 20, of Baldwin, NY.

“I thought Marvel really went all out this year.  The giveaways and game demonstrations were quite astounding,” said Matt Subrisi, 20, of Hempstead, NY.

Another notable attraction was the Star Wars area of the convention.  Fans could take their picture sitting in Darth Vader’s chair.  “I’ve always been such a huge Star Wars nerd and the whole set up really excited me,” said Lauren Ritter, 18, of Bethlehem, PA.

Overall it seems that the New York City Comic Con did its job of entertaining its fans and nearly guaranteeing their return for the Convention next year.


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