Hofstra Students Weigh In On the Annual Fall Festival Which Acts Fell Flat and Which Ones Hit the High Note

On Saturday, September 24, 2011 Hofstra University welcomed Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Salt n Pepa, Taking Back Sunday, and Rick Ross to its intramural fields for its annual Fall Festival.  Every year Hofstra lines up acts of various musical tastes in hopes of pleasing its diverse student population.  

The concert opened with Joan Jett and the Blackhearts hitting the stage.  “I can’t believe Joan Jett was actually at Hofstra!” said Taylor Borys, 19, of Hempstead, NY. 

Jett rocked out to her hit, “I Love Rock N’ Roll,” and looked as though she was 53 going on 25. 

Salt n Pepa took the stage next and many Hofstra students and parents marked this point in the concert as their least favorite.  

“I wasn’t really interested in seeing them at all.  DJ Spinderella wasn’t even there to perform with them,” said Julie Skrobak, 20, of Nazareth, PA.

However some students were in disagreement.  “I grew up listening to Salt N’ Pepa with my momma so I was excited to see them,” said Lori Nelson, 19, of Memphis, TN.  

Next came the act that most students were looking forward to, Taking Back Sunday. 

Taking Back Sunday came into popularity while most college-aged students were in their teenage angst years.  Therefore their emotionally charged lyrics helped get students through the angst and showed them that others could identify with what they were feeling.  

“Taking Back Sunday was always what I listened to when I was upset about something or even I just wanted to rock out a bit,” said Jessica Yacono, 20, of New Fairfield, CT. 

“I honestly don’t know what I would have done without their music, “ agreed Maribeth Powers, 18, of Gaithersburg, MD.

It seems that Hofstra made a winning decision when they decided to add Taking Back Sunday to the line up; however, many were disappointed that Rick Ross would be the act to follow them.   

“The only way to ruin a perfectly good Taking Back Sunday concert is the follow it with a joke like Rick Ross,” said Zach Mongillo, 19 of East Lyme, CT.

“I actually attempted to take a nap during Rick Ross’s set,” agreed Lauren Lentz, 19 of Marlton, NJ.

Although this was the widespread opinion, many students began anticipating the concert even before it was announced that Taking Back Sunday would be added to the line-up.  “I was so pumped to see Rick Ross live!  He definitely put on a great show,” said Connor Lynch, 19 of Boston, MA.

“I wouldn’t have changed a thing about Rick Ross’s performance,” said Dana Irwin, 21, of Carmel, NY. 

In the end although the last act seemed to lack in excitement for Hofstra students, the prior acts more than made up for the slight disappointment.


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