Brawl Breaks Out Before Blink 182 Takes the Stage

The brawl began in one of the surrounding parking lots that the Susquehanna Bank Center utilizes for the various events it hosts.  In videos posted around the Internet five men can clearly be seen beating up one man while a plethora of others either look on or attempt to join in the fighting.  

As Blink 182 and My Chemical Romance fans made their way to Camden, New Jersey this past weekend for the 2011 Honda Civic Tour, anticipation for the nearly sold out concert was high.

Many fans arrived at the venue extra early with plans of tailgating and making friends with fellow concertgoers before going in to see the show.

However, none of the fans could have foreseen the full-out brawl that would ensue.

Bottles were broken and thrown, people were trampled and the police failed to control the crowd fast enough to prevent injuries. 

The Federal Bureau of Investigation already rated Camden, New Jersey, the most dangerous city in the United States in 2009, however; due to recent police layoffs the crime rate has spiked significantly.  This concert brawl is just one example of the violence. 

“It completely happened out of no where.  We were all having a good time, getting pumped for the show and then this happened.  The police definitely did not act quickly enough to control the crowd,” said onlooker Jeremy Octeau, 22 of Ridgefield, New Jersey.

Concertgoer Kevin Saunders, 27 of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, believes that those involved in the brawl were, “Probably extremely intoxicated.  The chaos that went down was too much for sober people to want to be involved in.”

With the average age of its fan base around 25, according to Blink 182’s main fan site, such a fight as a precursor to a Blink 182 concert was quite the unexpected occurrence.

Even though the fight destroyed the experience for those involved, many other concertgoers were completely oblivious to its occurrence.  When asked to comment on the event, Maribeth Powers, 18 of Gaithersburg, Maryland said, “What happened?!  I had no idea!  That’s so crazy that people would want to start something like that.”

“I guess it was a good thing my friends and I ended up getting there a bit late,” agreed Mike Kelly, 19 of Wilmington, Massachusetts.  

Overall it seems that while the concert was an incredibly rewarding experience for most, the brawl ruined it for the select few that were directly involved. 


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