Apple Amps Up the iPhone

Apple unveiled the iPhone 5 today in San Francisco, California.  Many of the predictions about the phone’s new features proved to be true, however no one could have guessed what the final product would be.

The new iPhone is taller than its predecessor giving the four-inch screen 16:9 proportions.  This means that HDTV and movies can be viewed better on the new phone screen than the old one and a fifth row of icons can be added to the home screen.  In addition the phone is thinner making it lighter and easier to carry.

Although these dimension changes appear to be consumer friendly, it will also cost users more than they expected as the size of the charging port has shrunk to encompass the phone’s new size.  This means that any chargers, iPhone docks, and other accessories purchased for use of the older Apple products are not compatible with the new port.

While Apple will be selling moderately priced adaptors, longtime residents in iPhoneworld are unlikely to be happy with the added cost.

Another change to the phone’s appearance is the new aluminum back, the benefit of this being that users will no longer have to worry about the glass back cracking.

Apple claims the new design allows the phone to operate twice as fast and also pick up a super fast 4G LTE Internet connection in certain cities.

An added bonus is the improvements on the phone’s camera.  With an 8-megapixel model and an f/2.4 aperture, the camera’s lens allows a lot of light through meaning better picture quality.  The camera can recognize up to ten faces and has the ability to take still photos even while you’re filming a video.

Preorder for the new phone begins Friday, September 14 and it officially goes on sale September 21.  The retail price for the 16-gigabyte model is $200 with the purchase of a two-year contract from Verizon, Sprint and AT&T.

It seems as though Apple has created a solidly updated version of the iPhone, but the company will have to wait to see how it fairs on the market to make the final judgment.


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