Final Exam – Pearl Harbor Attack Hits United States Forces Hard


Late yesterday afternoon President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed that yesterday’s date, December 7, 1941, will be a date to live in infamy.

Unbeknownst to United States naval intelligences the Japanese had been planning to attack United States naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  They choose to strike yesterday morning.

Pearl Harbor was attacked by 353 Japanese aircraft in two waves, launched from six aircraft carriers.

The first attack wave consisted of 183 planes and was launched just north of the Hawaiian island of Oahu.

This wave was divided into three groups all set on attacking different parts of the naval base.  One group targeted battleship and aircraft carriers, another group Ford Island and Wheeler Field, and the last on aircrafts stationed at Ford Island, Hickam Field, Wheeler Field, Barber’s Point, and Kaneohe.

Wave two held 171 planes and focused on finishing off anything that the first wave had left behind.

Four United States Navy battleship were sunk and four others received serious damage.  All those who were stationed on the four sunken ships are lost.

In addition three cruisers, three destroyers, an anti-aircraft training ship and a minelayer were either sunken or damaged.  Luckily, aircraft carriers Enterprise, Lexington, and Saratoga were not in the Harbor at attack time. 

A total of 2,402 United States personnel were killed in the surprise attack.  An additional 1,282 were wounded.  Japanese losses were minimal.

Perhaps the most shocking thing about the attack is the Japanese gave no warning.  President Franklin D. Roosevelt was in the middle of negotiations with the Japanese Imperial General Headquarters at the time of the attack.

Currently, United States government is unsure what to make of this surprise attack.  Whether or not entry into the war will follow is still unknown.

The United States suffered great losses in the brutal Japanese attack, however the government will not be releasing its decision about whether or no to enter the war until later today.

The attack was meant to neutralize United States power in order to protect Japan’s advantage over the war brewing in the Pacific.  Japan wanted to invade Malaya and the Dutch East Indies for natural resources such as rubber and oil.  They also wanted to conquer Southeast Asia without United States interference.

However, this attack may just have done the opposite as the United States is more ready than ever to gain vengeance for this brutal attack.  United States forces will learn their fate later today.


FranklinD.Roosevelt: Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor… this day will live in infamy. #whatdoIdo?

JapaneseImperialGeneralHeadquarters: Attack a success! Let’s see what the US does now! #waitinggame

UnitedStatesNavy: Attack hit us hard… can’t wait to show those Japs what we’re made of! #bringiton


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