Blogs– Advancing the News Industry or Damaging Its Credibility?

Gone are the days of sock hops and soda parlors as we swing full force into the twenty-first century.  Transportation is now faster, technological advances occur left and right, and information is far more accessible than ever before.

When the internet worked its way into popular culture in the early 1990’s, all were enticed by the sheer genius that was the World Wide Web.

With the creation of the internet came blogging.  According to a blog is, “A journal written on-line and accessible to users of the internet.”

This new form of information exchange allows internet users to exchange news almost instantly.  Websites such as and include news stories with blogs attached so that readers can get their news fix and share their opinions on whatever matter all in one fell swoop.

Such websites allow readers to more efficiently exchange information.  However, less accredited blogs diminish the overall grade of these high rated blogs.

For example,, a blog centering around celebrities has an interesting market, but it’s not a particularly accredited one.  It has been known to post things that are found to be incredibly false.

Overall while blogging has helped increase the flow of online news, less accredited cites ultimately cause legitimate factual blogs to lose their standing in the news world.


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