Live Blogging Class

Wednesday November 10, 2010 –

We began class by watching a video entitled “Tom Suozzi, singing machine.” Tom Suozzi is a democratic candidate running in Nassau County. The video features four men playing instruments and one singer.  The instrument players are dressed very casually whereas the singer is wearing dress pants, a button up shirt, and a tie.  “Born to be Wild” is the song of choice.

The video was taken and posted on the internet by my Professor, once an editor of a newspaper, and News Day and the Daily News picked up the video and posted it as well.  This gave my Professor’s website a lot of hits.

We’re now looking at the various internet Blogs and discussing their features.

We first go to the Drudge Report online.  If it wasn’t for the Drudge Report then we would not know the whole story of Monice Lewinsky.

Next, we visit TMZ Online.  I read TMZ online regularly, but I never realized it was considered a blog. It’s a very simple format, that was taken and transformed into a multimillion dollar website and television show.

One girl mentions  This is a blog that basically documents people’s humorous failures.  It’s got people messing up newscasts, skateboarders eating it when trying to do a trick and things of that sort.  It doesn’t provide a lot of information, but it sure is hilarious.

Someone else mentions which is the worst and lamest of facebook.  It’s quite funny to see what some people post.

Assignment for next Wednestday’s class: write no more than 300 words about how blogging has changed the news industry. Link to two blog websites.


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