Rhode Island, Even the Smallest of Places Can Be Full of Discovery and Adventure

Going to school in New York, I find that when I make the trek back to my hometown of Westerly, Rhode Island I have a renewed appreciation for all of the wonders it houses.

Westerly, being a town in the smallest out of all fifty states is the definition of a small town.  However, I feel as though this merely adds to the mystique of the area.  This past weekend I headed back to RI and rediscovered the place I call home.

Early Friday afternoon I went to local phenomenon Dave’s Coffee.  At Dave’s coffee the random assortment of, well, stuff is perhaps the biggest draw for customers.  Parisian style coffee tables…

…signs leading to no where…

..and a coy pond complete with a cascading waterfall make Dave’s a totally zen experience.

Later on I went down to the beach area of my town.  Being almost completely surrounded by the ocean provides Westerly with perhaps the most peaceful beach spots anywhere.

Weekapaug, called Point Panic by a handful of locals is where you can watch the fresh ocean water crashing against the rocks.  The sounds created by the surf are surprisingly peaceful and I find that at night Weekapaug is the PERFECT spot to star-gaze and wish on shooting stars.

A View of the Ocean from Weekapaug

The next best place for some beach time would definitely be Watch Hill, Rhode Island.  Watch Hill is a small, yet beautiful subsection of Westerly.  When Wesleyans think of Watch Hill the first thing that comes to mind is without a doubt the Watch Hill Carousel.

The Watch Hill Carousel

St. Clair Annex, A local favorite

I can still recall riding that Carousel when I was little.  Spinning around and around in circles had never felt so comfortably serene and the smell of the ocean merely added to the overall calming effect.  After every Carousel ride my parents would treat me to an ice cream from St. Clair Annex, THE ice cream shop of Watch Hill.

Although I’m now too big to ride the Carousel, I still frequent Watch Hill to take in the views of the Watch Hill Yacht Club and walk along the seawall.

The Watch Hill Seawall

Saturday I went to Fort Wetherill in Jamestown, Rhode Island.  To get to Jamestown from Westerly you drive over the Jamestown Bridge, which crosses the water over a boat marina.

The Jamestown Bridge

Fort Wetherill

Fort Wetherill is an old abandoned coastal defense battery and training camp.  Although its now covered in graffiti and overgrown with grass I feel as though this merely adds to the beauty of it.

From Fort Wetherill if you walk though a bit of a forest like area you can sit out on the Jamestown Bluffs where views of the ocean are absolutely breathtaking.  As ridiculously cliché as it sounds, going there makes me feel as if all is right in the world.

A View from the Jamestown Bluffs

On the way back from Fort Wetherill I made a small pitstop at The Umbrella Factory, a small group of stores that create what feels like its own miniature getaway.  Paths overgrown with canopy-like brush and water fountains make The Umbrella Factory a truly unique destination.

A Canopy of Leaves at The Umbrella Factory

Fountain at The Umbrella Factory

Overall, my weekend back home was full of adventure as I gained a new appreciation for the place where I grew up.  Although I currently reside on Long Island, my heart will always be in RI.


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