Gleeks Everywhere Await The Show’s September 21st, Tuesday Night Premier!

What do you get when you take one part high school Glee club, one part crazy dramafest, add a touch of comic relief and throw a pregnant singing cheerleader, a self obsessed teenage girl with a voice to kill for, and an over controlling whackdoo of a cheerleading coach named Sue Sylevester on top?! Fox’s hit drama-comedy-musical, GLEE!

Last season’s plot line housed numerous twists and turns as the Glee club, New Directions, worked its way to Regionals.  Quinn discovered she was pregnant and gave birth, Puck learned that he is the father of Quinn’s baby, Rachel found herself stuck between three different guys and met her birth mother (who also happens to be the director of Vocal Adrenaline, New Directions’ biggest rival), Curt came- out to his father, and the show’s antagonist, Sue Sylvester, almost succeeded in tearing apart New Directions on various occasions.

We also watched New Directions work its way past Sectionals all the way up to Regionals where they came in last place due to faulty judging techniques.  In the upcoming season its likely that New Direction’s goal will be to prove that they deserve to be ranked above the best.

“Shakespeare In Love” star Gwyneth Paltrow is in talks to guest star on the show for a two-episode arch sometime in November.  Other than that not much information has been released about the upcoming season.

Click here to catch up on last season’s chaos in preparation for the upcoming season this September 21, 2010!

This season’s viewers will without a doubt witness even more dramarama than last season as New Directions works to outshine Vocal Adrenaline.



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