Italian’s Take Over Hofstra University!

This weekend Hofstra University hosted the annual Italian Festival.  The intent of the Italian Festival is to celebrate the rich Italian culture found here on Long Island.  Food, music, and dance were all aspects showcased and this year’s Festival was jam-packed with people from all over the tristate area; as per usual.

Walking onto the quad was a slightly overwhelming experience.  There were so many colors, sights, and sounds to take in it was almost impossible to absorb them all at once.  With so many different things to see it was difficult to decide where to start.

When I arrived, the Long Island Mandolin and Guitar Orchestra was playing native Italian music which merely added to the overall friendly atmosphere of the event.  Although I’ve never really been an advocate for the that type of music, I greatly enjoyed it when combined with the rest of the Festival.

After listening for a little bit my group of friends and I headed over to a pastry stand to get some classic Italian pastries.  Each of us got a zeppole which is a light deep fried dough ball topped with powered sugar and filled with cannoli-like pastry cream.

Zeppole, a classic Italian pastry

According to Festival attendee and Hofstra Freshmen Pat Starke, “The festival is a great way to learn about and experience the Italian culture found here on the Island.  The food is great, the people are nice, and the music is pretty good too.  It was a fun way to spend my Sunday afternoon.”

I have to concur with Starke.  Overall the festival was a great time and I would most definitely go back next year!


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