In Class Interview: Who Is Carson Olivares?

Sitting next to 18-year-old California native Carson Olivares in class there are many things that come to mind.  Her voice is quiet and kind welcoming the questions being asked of her.  Clad in the ever classic tank and cardigan combo, she finishes the look with skinny jeans and accessorizes with an elegant turquoise accented necklace.  The whole outfit radiates a simplistically chic style.  A Sophomore here at Hofstra University, Olivares is a Print Journalism major and was declared as such since before she set foot on the Pride campus.  With minors in fine arts painting and marketing she recognizes the dissimilarities of her major and minors.  While in high school she wrote freelance for her high school’s newspaper on behalf of The Student Government.  She was also a member of her high school’s swim team and says she would have continued her swimming career if Hofstra had its own swim team.  Hailing from the always sunny San Diego, Olivares cites the drastic weather change as one of the hardest adjustments for her.  Being so far away from home, she will only be able to go home for the Christmas vacation.  She says that the thought of being so far from home for so long was a bit overwhelming last year, but she is coping much better this year.


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